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You’re interested in learning and applying the latest training and nutrition research

We make that easy.

You know that keeping up with the latest science is crucial to being the best athlete or coach you can be. Even if you just lift for fun, you want to be sure you’re getting the most out of your time in the gym.

Keeping up with 1,000+ new studies each month is crucial, but quite challenging.

You want the benefits of knowing the latest science-backed training and nutrition advice, but don’t have the time, energy, and money to sift through the journals, pick out which studies are applicable, analyze their design for trustworthiness, critically read them, and figure out how they apply to your training or your client’s training.

MASS does the hard work for you.

We break down the latest research in plain English, so you can apply it to your training and nutrition ASAP.

You can be an expert in strength and physique sport without wasting any more time, energy, or money sifting through studies.

We’ve got the shortcut:

Monthly Applications in Strength Sport (MASS), a research review by Dr. Eric Helms, Dr. Eric Trexler, Dr. Mike Zourdos, and Lauren Colenso-Semple.

MASS does all the legwork for you and distills the studies that are most useful and relevant for you each month, making it easy and enjoyable to stay on top of the research that matters to you.

MASS is a monthly research digest that helps people like you bring your A-Game.

Get reliable interpretations and easily digest the most important research.

People who depend on headlines and shallow articles will be left in the dust. MASS is meticulously researched and curated by four experts. The result is a review full of the highest quality, most relevant content, with none of the false hype or ill-advised fads.

Be confident that you’re up to speed.

Whether you’re planning your own training and nutrition, coaching a client, conducting an interview, or creating online content, you can be confident that you’re up to date with the information at the cutting edge of our community.

Provide your audience with evidence-based information and recommendations.

Plenty of MASS subscribers are content creators focusing on disseminating scientific research to their audiences. We make their jobs much easier by highlighting the most important research, putting it in context, and recommending the main applications and takeaways from each topic.

Skim the key points to find out the main recommendations in minutes, or dive deep into our full analysis.

You’re in control. Each article begins with a bulleted list of key points and ends with a list of applications and takeaways, giving you the need-to-know points in bit-sized chunks. Both aim to tell you exactly what the newest research means for your training or nutrition so you can start applying the latest science right away. Want to know all the nuance of a particular topic. Dive into the full article for our complete analysis.

Understand how recent research fits into the broader literature.

An essential part of interpreting research is figuring out how new findings fit into the understanding of an entire body of scientific literature on the topic. As the scientific community learns new things and discards old practices, we’ll help you stay abreast so you can grow and evolve without chasing your tail with every new fad or staying stuck in your ways.

Learn in whatever style suits you.

We have two types of articles (comprehensive and briefs), audio episodes, video lectures, plus tons of infographics in each issue.

Escape the confusing jargon of scientific literature with our concise, easy-to-understand writing.

We’ll tell you what you need to know while cutting out most of the jargon, acronyms, and confusing language so often found in studies. With precise and pithy writing, interpreting research is simple and accessible to all.

Nerd out, if that’s the kind of thing you are into.

As an added benefit, our interpretation will aid your ability to dissect additional research which you choose to examine on your own. By reading our monthly reviews, your critical thinking and ability to decipher research will be enhanced to further benefit your capability to improve your training.

Our review process for each issue of MASS

Every month we sift through 100+ journals and 1,000+ studies to handpick the cutting-edge research that’s most relevant to you, and will help you build muscle, gain strength, and get leaner.

All four of us are athletes and coaches as well, so we know how to separate the truly valuable and applicable studies from the novelties that are never going to make it out of the lab and into the gym.

Each article is peer-reviewed by all other members, meaning you get more nuanced, well rounded information.

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