What is the MASScast?

The excellent hosts at Iron Culture have combined forces with Monthly Applications in Sports Science (MASS) to bring you regular “MASScast” episodes where the Iron Culture guys will be joined by MASS expert reviewers to talk science.

Ep. 229- Is Failure More Important Than Volume For Hypertrophy (MASScast 4 ft. Mike Zourdos)

Dr. Mike Zourdos, Dr. Eric Helms, and Zac Robinson discuss brand new research about the relationship between proximity to failure and hypertrophy. Tune in for a thorough discussion of what research tells us about the nuanced balance between volume, effort, and frequency.

Ep. 227 – Is Formal Education Worth It? (MASScast 3 ft. Lauren Colenso-Semple)

Lauren Colenso-Semple discusses in what scenarios pursuing a formal education is worth it in the fitness industry. This nuanced discussion is extraordinarily valuable for those seeking continuing education in fitness. Listen to the episode for insight into when and why a formal education may be worth it.

Ep. 225 – Mental Fatigue and Postactivation Potentiation (MASScast 2 ft. Mike Zourdos)

Dr. Mike Zourdos discusses several things which can impact your strength performance right now. He touches on the effect of mental stress on lifting performance, post-activation potentiation, and how to conceptually integrate research into training.

Ep. 223 – Dietary Fat, Metabolic Rates & Low Carb Diets (MASScast 1 ft. Eric Trexler)

Dr. Eric Trexler discusses surprising recent data that suggests basal metabolic rates have been decreasing at the population level over recent decades. Is this true? And if so, what’s causing it? In addition, we discuss the continuing confusion regarding high versus low-carb diets. Where is the cut-off for being high or low carb, and when is each a good or bad approach?