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Jeff Nippard

WNBF Pro Natural Bodybuilder, IPF Raw Powerlifter

“MASS provides an incredibly valuable shortcut to high-quality literature and its practical application. MASS ensures that every month my knowledge base is completely up to date so that whether I am coaching a client, conducting an interview or creating online content, I’m confident that I’m up to speed with what is at the cutting edge of our community.”

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“You all have really inspired an interest in research of exercise science that I didn’t know I had. Since subscribing to MASS, I’ve started a masters program in Kinesiology and plan to pursue a Ph.D. program as well. Thank you for making digestible research reviews accessible! As someone that did not know how to read any of the published literature a year ago, this has definitely helped & has made me a better coach, athlete and student.

MASS Subscriber

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Love that you dive into the science and give grounded, cautious guidance vs giving high-level, overhyped and not significantly meaningful advice based on small studies like others in the space do. Thanks for what you do!”

MASS Subscriber

Katie Anne Rutherford

Natural Figure Pro Elite 72kg Powerlifter

“MASS is one of the best resources for fitness enthusiasts as well as professionals for reliable, science-based information in easy-to-understand summaries. MASS does the heavy lifting, making it easy for coaches and athletes to reference the information to influence the greater good of the fitness community.”

Mike Tuchscherer

World Champion powerlifter, founder of Reactive Training Systems

“Keeping up with research that is relevant to a professional powerlifting coach is a huge task. And if you’re a coach, you likely don’t have time (or let’s be honest the skillset) to do all of this yourself. MASS is not just interesting to me as a fan of iron sports training. It helps me to be a better coach than I’d otherwise be.”

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Training myself and others as well as being a husband and father leaves me little time to pour over the research as I once did. So, I truly appreciate all your efforts in collating and interpreting the literature.

MASS Subscriber

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Worth every single penny, especially as a student. Absolutely love your content, would like to have more time in the days to go through all the material.

MASS Subscriber

Danny Lennon

MSc, Nutrition Science, Founder & Head of Content Production at Sigma Nutrition

“The level of information is astounding, the topics covered are perfect, the interpretations of the research are applicable, and the writing is the perfect combination of articulate and understandable. If you want your training, nutrition and coaching to all be based on the latest reliable science, then now you can do so by having the MASS team do all the work for you!”